Our Process

The process of completing a project can vary from client to client. Each project brings with it its own unique set of challenges, and Taylor Foam uses a variety of tools and techniques to meet and overcome those challenges. However varied your project, we always use a basic process that ensures clear and concise communication of ideas to maximize production time, enabling deadlines to be met on time and on budget.

Client Consultation

Where thoughts and ideas are discussed and project specifications are laid out.


Budgets are developed so the client's vision can be fully-realized.


This is the phase where the project starts to take shape through sketches and renderings. Once approved, the project may be modeled in 3D, or drawn up as a CAD design for fabrication purposes, or even full Construction Documents depending on the overall project scope.


The construction process involves nearly every department and discipline to ensure everything is executed successfully with the end-result being an extraordinary, original, world-class project.